What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a multi-disciplinary specialty that deals with the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. Sports Medicine can be beneficial to health and a useful tool for preventing a wide range of pathologies. Sports medicine also watches on prohibited sporting practices such as doping and deals with health education aimed at students, parents, and technical operators with a view to familiarizing themselves with the benefits of the well-practiced physical activity.

What does the sports doctor do?

The sports physician is responsible for certifying fitness for agonistic and non-agonistic sports practices and can carry out tests and evaluations to identify any issues related to sport or that may be inappropriate for practice, such as heart problems. It can also provide nutrition advice that is best suited to athletes during sporting practice, sports trauma, and chronic disease management through the prescription of exercises as therapy. Finally, he can play the role of a doctor and deal with anti-doping.

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