Best Natural Remedies & Alternative Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease…

Here’s 10 of the best home remedies and natural treatments for Parkinson’s disease yet discovered. And one natural cure in particular gives astonishingly fast relief and long term healing from the awful tremors, speech problems and dyskinesia that plague most PD sufferers…  

Parkinson’s disease, or PD for short, is an awful and incredibly debilitating disease. It has really come to the forefront and grabbed people’s attention ever since well-known actor, Michael J. Fox, was first diagnosed with the disease and went public about his fight. Over one million people in the U.S. suffer from Parkinson’s disease, and incredibly, 1 in 90 people have the disease and don’t even know it!  1

If you know someone who has this disorder (which is highly likely and probably the reason why you’re here reading this) you’ll know just how difficult and heartbreaking it can be watching them succumb to its horrible effects. The symptoms usually begin slowly, sometimes starting with a simple slight shaking of the hand. But over time, and as the disease progresses, more violent tremors and other problems such as slowed movement, stiff muscles, posture and balance problems – along with a loss of automatic movements and speech and writing changes can also occur. 

In the early stages, the 10 most common signs of Parkinson’s include…

·         Tremors or shaking 

·         Loss of smell 

·         Problems walking and stiffness 

·         Difficulty sleeping or thrashing around in bed 

·         Soft or low voice 

·         Masked face – blank stares and non-blinking 

·         Dizziness or fainting 

·         Stooping or hunching over 

·         Depression

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