How to Explain Your Child’s High Functioning Autism

Mild Autism Often Requires an Explanation

In May, 2013, Asperger syndrome Asperger syndrome (AS) was removed from the diagnostic literature. People who were once diagnosed with AS will now receive a “level 1” autism spectrum diagnosis, though many people still use the term Asperger syndrome to mean high functioning or mild autism. Unfortunately, there’s no agreed-upon definition of “high functioning autism,” which means that it can be very tough to explain the disorder in a simple way.

What’s So Confusing About High Functioning Autism?

People with high functioning autism may appear perfectly typical in many situations. Then the situation may change, and symptoms emerge. Repetitive talking, pacing, or rocking can be calming to the child with mild autism, but confusing or even upsetting to people who don’t know about or understand it. And even mild autism can lead to anger, anxiety or even tantrums when the needs of the child aren’t addressed.

Here are just a few examples of the types of confusing challenges that can come up:

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