How to Overcome Fear After Psychological Narcissistic Abuse

Understanding how to overcome fear is a crucial part of narcissistic abuse recovery.

As you wander out into the world free from the narcissist’s chains, you might feel, well, off.

You probably find yourself second-guessing every decision you make. Maybe you’ve noticed your behavior is more impulsive than you remember.

This is normal.


Narcissistic abuse – especially long-term abuse – rewires vital areas of the brain. You were living in a state of fight-or-flight during your abuse. Now, the threat is gone but your brain has been programmed to live in fear as its baseline state.

Here’s what’s going on in your head and how to heal.

Narcissistic Abuse Inflicts Long-Term Trauma Leading to PTSD

You’re probably already familiar with the link between emotional abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. Emotional and verbal abuse can produce psychological consequences just as devastating as one-off violent events.

When you survive a terrorist attack or car accident, however, it’s easy to identify the incident as a one-off traumatic event. Healing and coping with the aftermath are certainly not easy – but it’s obvious that you were exposed to trauma.

Narcissistic trauma is different.

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